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About Us

Our Mission

To make every disadvantaged individual self-reliant, creating a society of independent people living with dignity through Socio-Economic change.

Our Vision

Creating better tomorrows from the ashes of today.

Our Belief

HELPING HANDS believes development in the process by which people regain their power, identity and redefine their goals discover ways and means to attain them to satisfy their needs.

Our Approach

Helping Hands will approach the society in two Types:

Organisation to Beneficiaries :

Organisation to Beneficiaries Means Helping Hands directly visit the Rural and urban areas of the society through its staff and volunteers. Helping Hands staff and volunteers visit the target area for project and identify the needs , problems and beneficiaries according to the project . After identification they implement the project with the cooperation of concerned authorities and fulfill the needs of beneficiaries.

Organisation-> PARTNER NGOs->Beneficiaries :

Helping Hands will partner by identifying the credible NGOs / VO’s /NPOs/CBOs and implements the programs of Helping Hands. Helping Hands provides grants to the identified NGOs / VO’s /NPOs/CBOs in particular thematic areas and implements its programs through the partner NGOs covering all 34 States in India.

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