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Agriculture :

Agriculture is the main source of our country. Farmer is the backbone of our country. Small hold farmers who produce the much of the world food are often the poorest farmers of the world . 75 percent of farmers live in rural areas. Improving agricultural prosperity can improve the lives of Millions of farmer and their families. To Empower small hold farmers Helping Hands has started it project – KRISHI SAHAYAK to lift farmers out of poverty by harnessing the power of technology , Distributing tool kits , Providing hand hold training , Providing awareness and training on Organic Farming .

Education :

Every child has the right to access safe, quality education.However children across the world are not learning basic skills as a result of poor quality education.Children living in poor and remote areas are most often denied access to education. This has far-reaching consequences on their futures and those of their families, communities and country.So, Keeping in this view and after a deep study in the society HELPING HANDS started a Project to in the name of VIDYA to reach the Beneficiaries.

Health :

Helping Hands drives transformative innovation in pursuit of a bold vision: a world where health is within reach for everyone, no matter where they live. We advance health equity in the belief that all mothers should have safe births and healthy newborns, and that every community should have the tools it needs to thrive.Helping Hands is nonprofit organization that transforms global health through innovation.We accelerate smart ideas and mobilize partners to reach the world’s most vulnerable women and children. It bridges borders, sectors, and disciplines to shape the next generation of health innovations and maximize their life saving potential

Water & Sanitation :

HELPING HANDS started a project Swachata in the remote and rural areas of India. The project aims to be cleanliness among the disadvantaged, Underprivileged and marginalized communities of the society. Helping Hands reaches the community and conducts the training programs t illiterate people regarding Water & Sanitation. Through the program the women and men learn about how better sanitation systems enhance Health and Hygiene. After completion of Training program we provide sanitation kits to each beneficiary as a startup .So the beneficiary is encouraged for Health and Hygienic Practices.

Youth Development :

For the past 10 years, Helping Hands’s Children and Youth Legacy Program has transformed the lives of more than 40,000 of India’s most vulnerable children and youth.An estimated 100,000 children and youth are living and working on the streets of Delhi alone. These children might escape to the streets to be free of abuse or neglect, or they might be abandoned by their caregivers. A lack of access to adequate food and shelter leaves them extremely vulnerable to disease and further abuse.

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